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General Project Information

Project Presentation

Project presentation

Project Location

Project Map

Project location map

Project Vicinity

Project vicinity map

Project Description

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to improve the safety of the intersection at State Route 26 and State Route 49 in Calaveras County in the town of Mokelumne Hill. A Traffic Collision Report from the California Highway Patrol and a Traffic Investigation conducted by District 10 Traffic Safety Branch identified a pattern of broadside collisions at this intersection. A Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis was performed, and it found the intersection meets signal warrants. Three alternatives are being proposed:


  • Alternative 1 proposes to construct a roundabout.

  • Alternative 2 proposes to install a traffic signal.

  • Alternative 3 is the no-build option leaving the intersection as it is.

Environmental Process

Environmental Process graphic

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this project is to improve  intersection control to reduce the number and severity of broadside collisions at the intersection of State Route 26 and State Route 49.


A pattern of broadside collisions has been identified at the intersection of State Route 26 and State Route 49, which are caused by motorists failing to yield.

Project Cost and Schedule

Estimated Cost:

Alternative 1 (Roundabout): $10,450,900

Alternative 2 (Signal): $4,822,200


Tentative Project Schedule:

Draft Environmental Document Circulation:

June 2022

Project Approval & Environmental Document:

October 2022

Right of Way Certification:

June 2024


June 2024

Approved Construction Contact:

March 2025

Project Completion:

November 2025


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